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About Greenlining Realty USA

About the Developer

Greenlining Realty USA is a national real estate development and management firm. We work in partnership with local municipalities throughout the country to create mixed use developments with large scale economic impact. Our mission is to work in the community and for the community creating comprehensive developments that revitalize historically under served and distressed communities. At Greenlining Realty USA, by strategically leveraging local resources and other investment opportunities, we measure success by the delivery of tangible quality of life enhancements we bring to the communities and businesses we serve.


Redlining is the historic discriminatory practice of denying or limiting mortgage and financial services to communities of color. Long-term effects of redlining put home and/or business ownership beyond reach for those who want to invest in and strengthen their neighborhoods, until now. Today we introduce Greenlining.

Greenlining Realty USA is dedicated to reversing the historical, damaging effects of discrimination in lending. As a premier comprehensive urban property redevelopment firm, our mission is to create pathways to capital essential for neighborhood investment, redevelopment, housing rehabilitation and home improvement.